Hall of Fame

The prestigious Hall of Fame Award was introduced as a new club award in 1979 in recognition of members who had carried out exemplary service to the Club in their lifetime or who had obtained outstanding achievements for Club or County during their playing career.
John O’Hare was the first recipient of the Award

1979 John O’Hare
1980 Tommy Steele
1981 Johnny O’Neill
1982 Pat Rodgers
1983 Pat Savage
1984 Dan Rooney
1985 Patrick McAleenan
1986 Jimmy McEvoy
1987 Paddy O’Donoughue
1988 Cyril Wells
1989 Pat Rooney
1990 Tom McCann
1991 James Maginn
1992 Paddy Steele
1993 Frank Lennon
1994 Bessie Rooney
1995 May Steele
1996 Francie McAlinden (sen.)
1997 Jim Jennings
1998 Teddy Rice
1999 Pat Rice
2000 Fr. John Fitzpatrick
2001 Frankie Rooney
2002 Dermot McCabe
2003 Aiden O’Neill
2004 Johnny Rooney
2005 Tom Fitzpatrick
2006 Kevin Rodgers
2007 Aggie Hardy
2008 Jim Rice
2009 Mickey Keown
2010 Gerry Dougherty

2011 – Colm McGreevy

2012 – Brian King

2013 – ?


Posthumous Hall of Fame

Since the introduction of the prestigious Hall of Fame Award in 1979 successive club committees have been very conscious that there has been a number of club members down through the years that would most certainly have been recipients of the award had it been introduced in earlier years and indeed after the award was introduced there have also been those that were undoubtedly in line for this award but unfortunately they died before the Club got the opportunity to honour them.

1910’s Hugh McAleenan
1920’s P.F.McCabe
1930’s Fr P.McAlea
1940’s Dan McCartan
1950’s John Guiness
1960’s Pat Keown