Hall of Fame Criteria

Statement of Purpose :

  • To honour selected members
  • To pay tribute to outstanding achievements of members
  • To honour special service given to the club
  • Awarded to individuals who have shown outstanding ability and club commitment through valued leadership and good role modelling that has reflected great credit upon the club




(The record of those proposed should be self evident when reviewed in detail.)


Length of Service


Nomination for Hall of Fame is only available after a a substantial period of regular participation or involvement with Naomh Maolmhoig CLG and individuals are not eligible until they have reached at least 60yrs of age.



Current Status


Hall of Fame nominees may still be active administrators and do not have to be retired. However all nominees must be current members of Naomh Maolmhoig CLG either Full or Honorary status.





a)      Nominees have demonstrated ongoing achievements at a high level as a member of a team and also individual achievements




b)     Nominees whose substantial and outstanding volunteer contributions and achievements to the management and development of gaelic games in Naomh Maolmhoig CLG as a result of exceptional personal effort and inititive.



Personal Qualities


Individuals nominated for the Hall of Fame must have conducted themselves throughout their sporting career in a manner that brought great credit to themselves and Naomh Maolmhoig CLG