Club Injury Policy

Naomh Maolmhoig Caislean A Mhuilinn CLG An Duin
(revised 3rd January 2013)


1. The Committee and members of St. Malachy’s G.A.C. Castlewellan recognise that our Players, Hurlers – Footballers – Camogs, Male and Female, are the Club’s greatest asset.

2. As such it is recognised that any player who sustains an injury while training with or playing for the Club is entitled to the best possible treatment, within the limits of the new mandatory G.A.A. Injury scheme. The scheme also applies to any Club Official injured while officiating for the Club. The Club believe that the new scheme provides the best cover available, given the cost of the premium. Hence the Club Committee at it’s meeting held on Monday 9th February 2004 unanimously agreed that all players must contribute to the scheme without exception, and that only fully paid-up members will be eligible for selection on any Club team. Players current contributions (subject to annual review) are as follows:-

• Adult Players – Membership £60 + injury levy of £60:

• Minor Players – Membership £50 injury levy inclusive (or full time employment +£60);

• Youth Players – Membership £25 injury levy inclusive
(family rate available subject to 2 adults & 2 + youths £110 – youth injury levy inclusive)

• The above rates apply to football/hurling – ladies football – camogie. Any adult team member who is still a youth or minor will pay juvenile or minor team rates

3. The new scheme will cover players for up to €300,000 for a lifetime disability suffered whilst playing and up to €100,000 for injuries suffered which result in disablement from gainful employment. There will also be provision in some circumstances for loss of wages and medical, dental and hospital expenses. Contributing players will receive the full support of the Officers of the Club in attaining any necessary treatment, and this will be arranged through the Club’s Injury Officer – Liam Sloan. The scheme will continue to be administered on behalf of the Association by Coyle Hamilton Insurance.

4. Contributing players will receive financial assistance from the Club where appropriate in offsetting hardship to the Player and his/her family, until the initial payment is received from the insurers. The assistance provided must then be repaid to the Club.

5. It is recognised that the Association funds the injury scheme. This Club fully endorses the Central Council view that there is an onus on membership to insure that the scheme is not misused in any way. Club Officers will take all reasonable steps to prevent misuse within our Club.

6. Hence Players and officials will only be treated through the GAA injury scheme for any injuries sustained with the Club. The Club will only consider treating contributing players who have sustained an injury playing or training with a school team or with another Club if the player concerned provides a written undertaking from the school or from the Club Secretary of the Club where the injury was sustained that they will meet the full costs of the treatment required. The onus is on the player to obtain the written undertaking and payments before the Club will authorise treatment.

7. The Club will insure that all contributing players injured with the Club (youth and adult male and female) are assisted in accessing the injury scheme and that appropriate treatment and claims for any necessary financial compensation are processed and followed up by the Club’s appointed Injury Officer. Such claims will only be processed and treatment authorised provided the injured player abides by the following guidelines on treatment and the Injury Protocol set out below.


a) Any Player sustaining an injury while training with, or playing for, the Club should advise his/her Manager immediately, so as action can be taken to minimise damage, i.e. through rest, application of ice pack etc.

b) The Manager will agree with the player how best to obtain a medical opinion where necessary, so as appropriate advice can be taken with respect to treatment of the injury, i.e. rest, Physio, surgery etc.

c) No treatment will be provided through the Club unless advised by the team manager, a suitably qualified medic and sanctioned by the Club’s Injury Officer.

d) All expenses incurred from physio treatment in the first instance must be paid for in full by the recipient player, of which 50% of the total expense incurred will be reimbursed by the club treasurer when a paid receipt has been presented.

e) Bills or invoices will not be accepted from Players and will not be honoured by the Club for any treatment (including physio) that has not been authorised by the Club’s Injury Officer.

f) Any injured player requiring Physio treatment by the Club Physio in the Clubrooms must receive approval from his team manager and the team manager must book the treatment through the Club’s Injury Officer. A player will not receive treatment by the Club Physio unless this procedure is followed. The same procedure applies for treatment by any other Physio approved by the Club.

g) The Club will request a second opinion in situations where treatment becomes protracted. Depending on the advice received, a decision may be made to cease paying for treatment.


1. The G.A.A. Injury scheme will be provided to all Players who are fully paid up members and who have paid their annual Injury Levy.

2. When an injury is sustained a Preliminary Notification form should be completed and given to Club’s Injury Officer within 21 days. These forms are available from your team management.

3. When an injury is sustained in a game, the player or management should ensure that the Referee has recorded the injury for inclusion in his report.

4. If the injury results in treatment or loss of earnings (beyond 1 week) a claim form should be completed. This form can be obtained from the Club’s Injury Officer and should be returned to him as soon as possible, with

• Copy of the Referees report (which can be obtained from the County Office 46-48 Main Street, Castlewellan telephone 028 437 70880)

• Proof of wages

1. Self employed
 Confirmation from Accountant
 Tax return for previous year
 Evidence of last 3 months earnings

2. Employed
 Section on form completed by employer

• Statutory sick pay entitlement

• Completed medical certificate

6. All receipts obtained should be given to Club’s Injury Officer immediately. Invoices are not acceptable.

7. On receipt of the above documents by the Club Injury Officer the Club will consider providing minimal financial assistance, where appropriate, to offset loss of earnings while a claim is pending, on the understanding that this will be repaid in full on receipt of initial payment from the Insurance scheme. Assistance will only be considered when the injured player provides the documentation outlined at 4 above.

8. Full details of the G.A.A. Injury scheme are available at www.gaa.ie

The Club’s Injury Officer
Liam Sloan telephone 028 4377 8561