Club Ethos

Naomh Maolmhaodhóg Caisleán Uidhilín CLG An Duin (St.Malachy’s Castlewellan Co.Down GAA Club) is a non-party political, anti-sectarian and anti-racist organisation.

It will continue to value and to prosper from, the enormous voluntary efforts of its members, the amateur status of its players and its mentors and the dedication of its employees.

The primary role of Cumann Naomh Maolmhaodhóg is the development and promotion of Gaelic games and Irish culture as principal components of Irish identity.

The Club will continue to build on and develop local identity and a sense of place. This will be achieved by encouraging participation from all sectors of the community, whilst promoting sportsmanship, discipline, pride, passion and personal development among its members.

Cumann Naomh Maolmhaodhóg, being membership-based, will be responsive to changes in society and to the wishes of its members who ultimately ‘own’ the club.