President Criteria


President Definition :

One accorded the title as a mark of special esteem


Club Regulations :

1.2 The Executive Committee shall appoint an Honorary Club President

1.3 The position of Honorary Club President may only be retained for a maximum of 3 consecutive years.


Acknowledgement :

Current and Past Club Presidents shall be awarded Honorary Life Membership of Naomh Maolmhoig Caislean A Mhuilinn CLG An Duin.


Criteria for Appointment :

  • Former Hall of Fame recipient

  • Former club player :-

    Juvenile /  Adult

  • Former or current member of the Club Executive Committee

  • Inspirational leadership qualities both sporting and administrative :-

    Club captain/player award /  Executive Committee officer

  • Loyal club supporter :-

    Teams /  Club events /  Fund raising ventures