Standing Orders

In order to comply with the recommendations of Cumann LuithChleas Gael concerning the organisation of an Annual/Special General Meeting – to eliminate over discussion of any particular subject the following procedure must be adopted by all members.


1.   The proposer of a motion or an amendment may speak for 3 minutes and not more than 3 minutes.

2.   The proposer of a resolution or amendment must not exceed 3 minutes.

3.   The proposer  of a resolution or an amendment may speak for a second time to ‘sum-up’ for 2 minutes before a vote is taken but no other member may speak a second time to the same resolution or amendment.

4.   The chairman may at any time he considers a matter has been sufficiently discussed call on the proposer for a reply and when that has been given a vote may be taken.

5.   A member with the consent of the chairman may move that the question be now put after which, when the proposer has spoken a vote must be taken.

6.   A resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on the show of hands, unless, before or on the declaration of the result of the show of hands, a ballot is demanded :-

(a)  by the chairman

(b)  by at least five members present and entitled to vote

7.   Any member nominated for a position who is not present and has not forwarded a prior apology, their name shall be withdrawn from the list of nominees.

8.   If a member is not present to propose a motion tabled in their name then that motion shall be automatically withdrawn.