Club Regulation




1.1   The Executive Committee to be elected annually shall  be comprised of :  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Player’s Representitive, Games Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, plus 8 other Full members and this Committee shall have the power if required to Co-opt 4 additional Full Members.


1.2    The Executive Committee shall appoint an Honorary President


1.3    The positions of Chairman / Secretary / Treasurer may only be retained for a maximum of 5 consecutive years. – the position of Honorary President for a maximum 3 consecutive years.


1.4    The Executive Committee have full power to appoint those in charge of the various Club teams – who in turn decide on a code of practice for team selection, this code must be ratified by the Club Committee.


1.5    The Executive Committee review annually the list of Club Regulations and update same to take account of changes made at the Clubs A.G.M.  and thus endeavour to implement these Regulations.


1.6    The Executive Committee review on a regular basis the up-keep and maintainence of all Club property, including St.Malachy’s Park and associated facilities – The Social Club – Mini-Bus – etc. and explore, fully investigate and follow-up as appropriate, all sources of grant aid and funding.


1.7    The Executive Committee regularily review the management structures within the Club to take account of their effective function and to ensure that all areas are adequately catered for e.g. Youth – Teams – Social – Culture.


1.8    The Executive Committee select the annual Club-person and Hall of Fame award winners.




2.1    Full members will also be notified of the date and time of the A.G.M. through the local and national press and social club notice board.


2.2    The following additions will also be made available to all Full Members at least 10 days in advance of the A.G.M. on dates and times as determined by the Committee :


(a)   An up-dated 5 year development plan, which includes associated funding projections,        sources and action.

(b)    A report of the implementation of Club Regulations.

(c)    A full list of current Club Regulations


2.3    That any member who is nominated for a post on the in-coming Committee, be formally contacted by the Club Secretary before the A.G.M. to ascertain their intentions to stand for a position.


2.4    Any member who is nominated for a position who is not present and who has not forwarded a prior apology, their name shall be withdrawn from the list of nominees.


2.5    If a member is not present to propose a motion tabled in their name, then that motion shall be automatically withdrawn.


2.6    Ten per cent (10%) of Full Members eligible to vote shall be acceptable as a quorum at a General/Special meeting. To be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting.




3.1    Any member other than an Honorary member whose annual subscription is not paid prior to the 1st March in any calendar year, shall cease to be a member on that date and shall not be eligible to participate in the games or any section of the Club or to partake in any of the previliges attached to members.


3.2    The Executive Committee shall have the power to grant Temporary Membership under such terms as it thinks fit, to any person whose membership shall have lapsed under Regulation 3.1 




4.1   Any team manager may choose any individual (whether player or otherwise) to help with any aspect of team affairs, including team selection, subject to ratification by the committee.


4.2   With regards to persons representing Castlewellan G.A.C. they should be properly kitted-out and uniformly attired in official club colours.


4.3   Adult player of the year awards be made and selections made by respective players only, no other person to have a vote. Selection is based on performance on the field only.


4.4  Teams using transport provided by the Club make a contribution towards the cost of the transport – the charge to be agreed by the committee.




5.1   The National Anthem be played before a function commences in the social club.


5.2   In disciplinary matters within the social club premises the following shall apply :-


(a)   Full members be given the opportunity to speak on their own behalf to the Executive        Committee before any judgement and resulting action is brought about. 


(b)   Social and non-members be given the opportunity to state their case if they so request         before any resulting action is reached.




6.1    Pensioners who are members of the club be admitted free to all matches and to the social club.


6.2   That all Full – Honorary and Youth Members be given the opportunity to voice their opinion on any future proposed changes to Rules in the Official Guide of the GAA.


6.3    That the Club title on all Jersey’s / Equipment / Advertisement / Stationery be uniform and in the Irish language i.e. ‘Naomh Maolmhoig Caislean A Mhuilinn C.L.G. An Duin’


6.4    For match tickets (Hurling and Football) allocated to the club, the Club Ticket Policy procedure will be adhered to :


6.5   The committee to review on an ongoing basis, club coaching, training and management of all club teams, with a view to producing a club blueprint for football and hurling based on a youth policy, designed to ensure the development and securement of players from 6 years to adulthood and to assist with the promotion of our games through the schools.


6.6   The club produce and update on a regular basis written policies for each of the following area’s and make available to all full members on request :-

(a)    Disciplinary procedures for use within the club.


(b)   Any instances of abuse of legal or illegal drug misuse within the club.


(c)   Transfer of players who may wish to join the club – leave the club.


(d)   How to acknowledge winning teams / individual club members returning home with                 All-Ireland titles or their equivalent.


(e)   Child Protection.


6.7   Opportunities for employment by the club in the first instance be made available to Full and Youth members – discounting jobs tendered for.


6.8    Freedom of information  –  Any Full Member may meet with the Club Executive or appointed members of the Executive and receive information or explanation regarding any Executive decision, policy or financial matter relating to any aspect of Club affairs.

If any full member wishes to raise or query any matter they should contact the Club Secretary regarding the topic they wish to raise and the Secretary will notify the Executive and make the necessary arrangements.