Policy on Transfers



The ‘Object’ of the Club shall be the promotion of the Aims of Cumann LuithChles Gael (Gaelic Athletic Association), and the membership and resources of the Club shall be utilised for and dedicated solely to those Aims.





All classes of members of the club shall be elected by the Executive Committee and such classes of membership shall consist of Full – Honorary – Youth – Social.





All applications for transfer shall be made on the official G.A.A. transfer form and must be sanctioned by the Club Executive Committee, before it is then signed by the Club secretary. Applications into the Club shall determine the Club status of membership.


(a)        A player wishing to transfer into the club must be prepared to abide by the ‘Object’ of the Club. All such applications shall be accepted providing that the applicant matches the criteria as laid down in the Bye-laws and Rules of Coiste Contae An Duin and Cumann LuithChleas Gael, re- Registrations and Transfers.


(b)       A player desirous of leaving the Club shall be given the opportunity to explain to the Executive Committee the reasons for such a request, before such a request is sanctioned / rejected.


(c)        Requests by a player wishing to transfer from the club to a neighbouring club shall only be considered if that player has not taken part in official or trophy competitions for the club during the pevious year.


(d)       For transfer requests made by U.16 players wishing to leave the Club, the folowing procedure shall be adopted :-


                        (1)        The Executive Committee shall invite parents/guardians to

                                    a meeting to discuss reasons for such a request.


                        (11)      The Clubs coaching officer shall also be in attendance at

                                    such a meeting.