St. Malachy’s Park Policy

Naomh Maolmhoig Caislean A Mhuilinn CLG An Duin
(Amended 17 -1-13)


• The Executive Committee shall have responsibility for the control and use of St. Malachy’s Park and its associated amenities.

• The Executive Committee shall draw up a policy for the control and use of St. Malachy’s Park and associated amenities and such a policy shall be reviewed and amended as required periodically.

• In the event of emergency decisions having to be made which may conflict with the current Policy, this responsibility shall rest with the Chairman -Secretary -Fixtures secretary.

• The committee may declare any closed periods, due to pitch care/maintenance and shall also endeavor to make alternative arrangements to cater for club team needs.


• The committee shall endeavor to accommodate all club teams home fixtures (league/championship) in St. Malachy’s Park.

• Where there is a clash of fixtures/times, then the following procedure shall be adopted:-

(a) An official championship fixture will command first priority;

(b) An official fixture will get priority over an non-official fixture;

(c) An official adult league/champ. fixture will get priority over a juvenile league/champ fixture;

(d) Should a clash of fixtures happen between the same teams on a regular basis, then in the interest of fairness a rota system will be put in place.

• Where there is a clash of fixtures, the committee will make alternative arrangements for one or other of the teams involved.

• Depending on weather/conditions and in the interest of care/maintenance, the committee shall determine the frequency of games to be played on the pitch (per day/per week)

• All senior Div.1 football fixtures will be played at St. Malachy’s Park

• In the event of re-scheduled games senior teams will get priority (i.e. senior footballers / ladies / hurlers / camogs)

• When clash of fixtures occurs managers are expected to compromise and come to an acceptable agreement. When compromise cannot be reached a decision shall be made by the (chairman -secretary -fixtures secretary)


• The general policy is that ~ No physical training sessions be permitted, thus ensuring due care for the playing surface, in order to cater for the demands of 27 different club teams with their official fixtures.
* The following are the only exceptions to the above rule :-

(a) The adult teams may be allocated on request pre-championship sessions (weather permitting) for shooting practice and team play only

(b) U.8 / U.lO / U.12 teams weekly coaching sessions for Boys/Girls Football- Hurling – Camogie be permitted in the interest of safety –transport -future aspirations.


• The committee will consider requests from teams with pending championship fixtures scheduled for St. Malachy’s Park (shooting and team play only)

• Weather permitting the committee will endeavor to accommodate requests from the High School and Primary Schools in the parish.

• The committee may consider requests from County teams for games only (no training sessions permitted)


• Each group / team is responsible for the following area’s :-
Goal-nets / Field flags (erect / dismantle)

• Ensure all players use field brushes provided on footwear

• Changing rooms -brush out and dispose of all rubbish in waste bins provided -Ensure that all relevant lighting / heating is switched off – Lock / secure premises

This policy has been approved by the Executive Committee of Naomh Maolmhoig Caislean A Mhuilinn CLG An Duin and failure to abide by this Policy may result in disciplinary action by the Executive Committee.