Child Protection Sub-Group






Appointed by the Executive Committee




Child Protection Officer

Deputy Child Protection Officer

Players Rep.

Coaching/Youth Officer





Ensure that the Child Protection procedures are understood and adhered to by all members.


Attend the GAA workshop ‘Good Practice & Child Protection’ renewable every three years.


Be familiar with current child protection legislation and The Childrens Act 1989.


Ensure all personnel working with children or young people are appropriately recruited and this includes receiving an Access NI certificate.


Ensure all personnel working with children or young people undertake the necessary training required by the GAA through attending Child Protection training and being inducted into the procedures of the GAA.


Understand the GAA Code of Ethics, child protection procedures, and rules regulations.


Establish and maintain the complaints procedures.


In the event of a complaint being made ensure that the complaints procedures are met and see the procedures through to the final decision.


Prepared to pass on concerns to the Provincial Council/Central Council and Professional agencies if necessay


Report regularily to the Club Executive committee.