Ticket Policy

Guiding Principle:

‘The committee believe that it is their responsibility to maximise the opportunity for Club Members to get a ticket.’


For match tickets (Hurling and Football) allocated to the Club, where demand is likely to outstrip supply, the following procedure will be adhered to:-

    1. The committee will establish and hold a list for each such game.
      • As soon as it becomes evident that there is a game where demand might outstrip supply, a notice will be posted in the Club and on the website as to when eligible members may add their name to this list;
      • The notice will state the date and time when the list will close, how you add your name to the list and when the draw for tickets will take place; and
      • The list will be the responsibility of an identified committee member.
    2. Only club members are entitled to add their name to the list, Members eligible to add their name to the list will be as follows:
      1. Full members;
      2. Juvenile playing members who are over sixteen;
      3. Juvenile playing members under sixteen accompanied by an identified adult; and
      4. Pensioner members who were previously Full Members.
    3. Any member who has not paid their membership by the 1st March in that year will not be eligible to add their name to the list. The only exception to this will be that a new ‘first time’ member who joins the Club during that year may apply to the Committee for permission to add their name. The Committee’s decision will be guided by evidence of the individual’s intention to be an active Club Member. All members who take out a membership payment plan before 1st March will be deemed to have their membership paid by that date.
    4. Ticket price will be the price paid by the Club for that ticket. All Tickets will be paid for – no one is entitled to a free ticket.
    5. Members must add their name in person, except for children under 16 whose name must be added by a parent who must also identify the adult who will accompany their child. Any identified abuse of this rule will result in all involved being barred from seeking tickets from the Club for a 2 year period. An example of such abuse might involve parents putting down children’s names and giving the ticket to someone else.
    6. Any member unable to attend the Club at the scheduled times may add their name to the list by forwarding a signed letter with the required deposit to the Secretary.
    7. It is expected that members who receive a ticket from an alternative source will not add their name to the list.
    8. The validity of the list will be checked by the registrar prior to the draw, which will take place as soon as possible after closure of the list.
    9. All tickets allocated to the Club will be drawn from the list; a reserve list will also be drawn. Where the winner of a ticket is unable to use his/her ticket in person, the ticket must be returned to the Chairman or Secretary who will allocate it to the next person on the reserve list.
    10. The ticket must be paid for in full on collection, and must be collected in person before 9pm on the night after the Ticket Draw has taken place, except where there are exceptional circumstances, e.g. member returning from abroad. In such a situation, that member should make contact directly with the Chairman or Secretary who will agree to suitable arrangements with the member. If the ticket is not collected, it will be allocated to the next person on the reserve list.
    11. All tickets available to the Club will be allocated using the following prioritization criteria, a member can only be included in one category:
      • Special Category (Only applicable when Down are in an All Ireland Senior Final) – The 3 main Office Bearers i.e. Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer are entitled to a ticket for their personal use. The main Sponsor of the relevant code will receive 2 Tickets.
      • Category 1 – All committee members who have attended 70% plus of all committee meetings, all current players aged 16 plus, all current Coaches, club referees (where they have not been directly allocated a ticket by the Co. Board), all members who regularly (20 times a year) work voluntarily for the Club (upkeep of Grounds, Tote selling (10+ per week) 500 Draw selling (5+), catering etc), all members of ‘Cairde Caislean a’Mhuilinn’
      • Category 2 – Past Committee and playing members who were involved in a player/committee/coaching capacity for more than 10 years.
      • Category 3 – Juvenile members aged under 16 with identified adult accompaniment
      • Category 4 – All other eligible members
      • Category 5 – Additional ticket requests from eligible members (Again these will be drawn by above categories)

The percentages of tickets to be allocated to each category are as follows:

      • Those who don’t get a ticket in their category automatically are included in the next category and so on
      • Tickets left over after everyone in a category is sorted automatically are added to the next category in addition to that category’s stated percentage.
      • The committee will decide how the draw will take place dependant on the numbers involved and the type and location of tickets received.

Special Category (where relevant) – 5 Tickets

Category 1 – 75% of remaining tickets

Category 2 – 12%

Category 3 – 8%

Category 4 – 5%

Category 5 – All remaining Tickets