Minibus Policy

1             The Club Bus is primarily for the use of the Club and our local School’s teams travelling to games and for other social and cultural outings associated with the Club, Schools and Parish. It is the duty of the Club Executive to ensure that the bus is always available and in good working order primarily for these purposes.


2             The Club Executive therefore reserve the right to refuse requests from members for the use of the bus for any other purposes not associated with above, without stating the reason for that decision, and under no circumstances will the bus be permitted for ‘Stag’ or ‘Hen’ outings or for any other social outings where it is considered that the bus might be damaged or abused.


3             Consideration will however be given to requests from Full Members only, for use of Club Bus for purposes other than those stated at 1. above on condition that: –


·         the bus is not required for any other purposes outlined at 1. above on the date/s and times requested;


·         the bus is in proper mechanical order and does not require any repairs at the time;


·         the driver of the bus is a committee member or team mentor who normally drives the bus and is the person making the request;


·         he/she meets the required insurance criteria and the bus is driven by no other person;


·         the driver of the bus takes full responsibility for its use;


·         the driver of the bus agrees to pay the costs associated with its use as determined by the Club Executive;


·         the driver of the bus returns it by the time agreed and in the same condition as it left Club premises;


·         the driver of the bus submits full details of the journeys involved, purpose of the journeys, and names of persons travelling on the bus;


·         any non-members of the Club intending to travel on the bus takes out temporary club membership (necessary for insurance purposes) at a levy determined by the Club Executive;


·         That the driver pays for any damage caused to the bus (which is not covered by Insurance) while in his/her charge. There is a current Insurance Excess of £450;


If you agree with all of the above conditions you may submit a written request for use of the bus, on reverse of this sheet, addressed to the Club Secretary for consideration by Club Executive, stating full details of the journey including date and times, its purpose, duration, and names of all passengers travelling.